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Velkommen til DVD-Basen, verdens største DVD review database med links til 343442 anmeldelser af 160785 DVD udgivelser.

Den sidste uges mest populære danske region 2 titler og de nyeste tilføjede: Anklaget (UK Blu-ray vs. D..
Return of the Living Dead ..
Black Past
Burning Moon, The
Silent House, The (Blu-ray)
De utrolige (R1 Blu-ray vs..
Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
Spider Baby
Wasteland Tales
Evil Dead, The (Blu-ray)
Bad Boy Bubby (Blu-ray)
Predator 2 (Blu-ray)

Bourne Identity, The (2002)

Passion of the Christ, The


Hysterical Blindness

Jeepers Creepers

Den sidste uges mest populære engelske region 2 titler og de nyeste tilføjede: Blood Hunger: The Films of..
Cannibal Terror (Blu-ray)
Dawson City: Frozen Time (..
Green Inferno (Blu-ray)
House of Cards: The Final ..
House That Jack Built, The..
Immaculate Conception (Blu..
Ireland with Ardal OHanlon
Irma la Douce (Blu-ray)
Laura (US DVD vs. Blu-ray ..
Maurice (Blu-ray)
Next of Kin (US Blu-ray vs..
Peterloo (Blu-ray)
Sink the Bismarck! (Blu-ra..
Sink the Bismarck! (US DVD..

Highlander (Blu-ray)

Fall of the House of Usher, The (1960) (Blu-ray)

City of the Living Dead (Blu-ray)

Demons (Blu-ray)

Time Bandits (Arrow) (Blu-ray)

Den sidste uges mest populære region 1 titler og de nyeste tilføjede: Admirable Crichton, The (B..
Barb Wire (Mill Creek) (Bl..
Ben Is Back (Blu-ray)
Blood Hunger: The Films of..
Boy Downstairs, The (Blu-r..
Bucktown (Blu-ray)
Burning (Blu-ray)
Chronicle of Anna Magdalen..
Clovehitch Killer, The (Bl..
Craft, The (CE) (Blu-ray)
Curse III: Blood Sacrifice..
D.O.A. (1988) (Mill Creek ..
Dawson City: Frozen Time (..
Deadly Mantis, The (Blu-ra..
Deuce, The - The Complete ..

Once Upon a Time in the West (Blu-ray)

Pans Labyrinth (HD DVD)

Watchmen (Blu-ray)

Nightmares Come at Night (Blu-ray)

Superman Motion Picture Anthology, The (Blu-ray)

Seneste nordiske: Andre region 2: Seneste R4: Seneste R3/5/6:
Finland Valkoinen peura (Blu-ray)

Sverige Hitta Doris (Blu-ray 3D)

Sverige Hollywood Ending (Blu-ray)

Sverige Captain America: Civil War..

Sverige Zootropolis (Blu-ray)

Sverige Hitman: Agent 47 (Blu-ray)

Sverige Maze Runner: The Scorch Tr..

Sverige Trainwreck (Blu-ray)

Sverige Interview, The (Blu-ray)

Sverige Martian, The (Blu-ray)

Sverige Diary of a Teenage Girl, T..

Sverige Goosebumps (Blu-ray 3D)

Sverige Gambler, The (2014) (Blu-r..

Sverige Martyrs (2015) (Blu-ray)

Sverige Star Wars - Episode VII: T..

Sverige Zero Tolerance (2015) (Blu..

Sverige Blackhat (Blu-ray)

Sverige Oops! Var är arken? (Blu-r..

Finland Anna-Liisa

Sverige Kill the Messenger (Blu-ra..

Frankrig A Star Is Born (2018) (Blu..

Holland Air Strike (Blu-ray)

Tyskland Ballon (Blu-ray 4K)

Tyskland Ballon (Blu-ray)

Tyskland Barb Wire (Turbine) (Blu-r..

Tyskland Bohemian Rhapsody (Blu-ray)

Holland Bohemian Rhapsody (Blu-ray)

Frankrig Capharnaüm (Blu-ray)

Frankrig Ciel sur la tête, Le

Frankrig Fiancées en folie (Blu-ray)

Holland First Man (Blu-ray)

Tyskland Halloween (2007) (Blu-ray ..

Tyskland Halloween (2018) (Blu-ray)

Frankrig Homme de Berlin, L (Blu-ra..

Frankrig Île mystérieuse, L (1961) ..

Frankrig Johnny English contre atta..

Holland Johnny English Strikes Aga..

Holland Man Who Killed Don Quixote..

Tyskland Psycho (1960) (2 x US DVD ..

Tyskland Tokyo Decadence (US DVD vs..

Australien An Angel at My Table (US C..

Australien Celia / Tale of Ruby Rose,..

Australien Cry Freedom (Blu-ray)

Australien Murder on the Orient Expre..

Australien Next of Kin (US Blu-ray vs..

Australien Suburbicon (Blu-ray)

Australien Walkabout (US Criterion DV..

Australien Hunter Killer (Blu-ray 4K)

Australien In Like Flynn

Australien Walkabout (Blu-ray)

Australien Apt Pupil (Blu-ray)

Australien Cruel Sea, The (Blu-ray)

Australien Felicity (1978) / Centresp..

Australien Frog Dreaming (Blu-ray)

Australien Lonesome Dove: Four Minise..

Australien Merger, The (Blu-ray)

Australien Beirut (Blu-ray)

Australien Mile 22 (Blu-ray)

Australien Return to Lonesome Dove

Australien Streets of Laredo

Kina Horse Thief, The (Blu-ray)

Sydkorea A Fine, Windy Day (Blu-ray)

Kina Red Sorghum (Blu-ray)

Sydkorea Jagko (Blu-ray)

Sydkorea Leodo (Blu-ray)

Hong Kong Police Story (UK Blu-ray v..

Kina Red Sorghum (Chinese DVD v..

Sydkorea A Beauty (Blu-ray)

Sydkorea Tale of Cinema (Korean DVD..

Indien Lipstick Under My Burkha (..

Sydkorea Lovers in Woomukbaemi (Blu..

Sydkorea People in the Slum (Blu-ra..

Sydkorea Sopyonje (Blu-ray)

Sydkorea Last Witness, The (Blu-ray)

Hong Kong Obsessed (2014)

Hong Kong A Good Lawyers Wife

Hong Kong Concubine, The (Blu-ray)

Sydkorea Housemaid, The (2010) (Blu..

Hong Kong Uhwudong Ownerless Flower

Hong Kong Whatcha Wearin? (Blu-ray)