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  USA A League of Their Own (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA A Midnight Clear (Blu-ray)
  USA Aenigma (Blu-ray)
  USA America as Seen by a Frenchman (Blu-ray) (Amérique insolite, L)
  USA And Then We Danced (Blu-ray)
  USA Angelas Ashes (Blu-ray)
  USA Atlantic City (Blu-ray)
  USA Bahía blanca (Blu-ray)
  USA Battle in Outer Space / H-Man, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Beast Must Die, The (Remastered) (Blu-ray)
  USA Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA Cannery Row (Blu-ray)
  USA Captive Wild Woman (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA César et Rosalie / Choses de la vie, Les (Blu-ray)
  USA Cleo from 5 to 7 (US Criterion DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK DVD vs. BD) (Cléo de 5 à 7)
  USA Corpus Christi (Blu-ray) (Boze Cialo)
  USA Day the Earth Caught Fire, The (US Blu-ray vs. UK DVD vs. BD)
  USA Demonia (Blu-ray)
  USA Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray)
  USA Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema III (Blu-ray) (Abandoned / Lady Gambles, The / Sleeping City, The)
  USA Franky and His Pals
  USA Fulci for Fake (Blu-ray)
  USA Horrors of Spider Island (Blu-ray)
  USA I Married a Monster From Outer Space (Blu-ray)
  USA Jerry Maguire (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Kiss of the Vampire (Blu-ray)
  USA Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Lady Eve, The (US Criterion DVD vs. US/UK Blu-ray)
  USA Lone Wolf McQuade (Scorpion Releasing) (Blu-ray)
  USA Lupin the Third: Fujikos Lie (Blu-ray)
  USA Marriage Story (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA Non Non Biyori: Vacation (Blu-ray)
  USA Pennyworth: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)
  USA Pretty Smart (Blu-ray)
  USA Princess Caraboo (Blu-ray)
  USA Promise at Dawn (Blu-ray)
  USA Romance on the High Seas (Blu-ray)
  USA Saint Frances (Blu-ray)
  USA Sniper: Assassins End (Blu-ray)
  USA South Park: The Complete Twenty-Third Season (Blu-ray)
  USA Spider, The (US DVD vs. Blu-ray) (Earth vs. the Spider (1958))
  USA Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, The (US DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK BD) (Strano vizio della Signora Wardh, Lo / Blade of the Ripper)
  USA Sunday in New York (Blu-ray)
  USA Taste of Cherry (US Criterion DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK DVD)
  USA Thousand Pieces of Gold (Blu-ray)
  USA Ultraman Ace (Blu-ray)
  USA Vagabond (US Criterion DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK BD) (Sans toit ni loi)
  USA Valhalla Rising (Blu-ray)
  USA War of the Worlds, The (1953) (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA We Summon the Darkness (Blu-ray)
  USA Western Classics: Volume I (Blu-ray) (When The Daltons Rode / Whispering Smith / Virginian, The)
  USA What the Waters Left Behind (Blu-ray) (Olvidados, Los (2017))
  England A Foreign Affair (Blu-ray)
  England A Foreign Affair (US Blu-ray vs. UK BD vs. German BD)
  England Armour of God II: Operation Condor (Blu-ray) (Armour of God 2: Operation Condor)
  England Blood Tide (Blu-ray)
  England Criss Cross (US DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK BD vs. Australian BD vs. French BD)
  England I See You (Blu-ray)
  England It Couldnt Happen Here (Blu-ray)
  England Lady Eve, The (US Criterion DVD vs. US/UK Blu-ray)
  England Little Joe (Blu-ray)
  England New Kids, The (Blu-ray)
  England Spy, The (Spionen)
  England White Fire (Blu-ray) (Vivre pour survivre)
  England Witchcraft (Blu-ray) (Casa 4, La / Witchery)
  Australien Good Posture
  Australien Professionals, The
  Australien Uncommon Valor (Blu-ray)
  Australien War of the Worlds (2005) (Blu-ray 4K)
  Australien War of the Worlds, The (1953) (Blu-ray)
  Tyskland Bloodshot (Blu-ray 4K)
  Frankrig Désert de la peur, Le (Ice Cold in Alex)
  Frankrig Fair Game (1986) (Blu-ray)
  Frankrig Jumanji : Next Level (Blu-ray) (Jumanji: The Next Level)
  Frankrig Medico della mutua, Il
  Frankrig Midway (2019) (Blu-ray)
  Frankrig Mutinés du Téméraire, Les (Blu-ray) (H.M.S. Defiant / Damn the Defiant!)
  Frankrig Perversion Story (Blu-ray) (Una sullaltra / One on Top of the Other)
  Frankrig Touch of Evil (Blu-ray)
  Frankrig Up in the Air (Blu-ray)
  Frankrig Youssef Chahine: 1954-1979 - La complainte égyptienne
  Holland 1917 (Blu-ray)
  Spanien Aquí, un amigo (Buddy Buddy)