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Last week most popular region 1 titles and the latest added: A Home of Our Own (Blu-ray)
Abandoned, The (2015) (Blu..
Absolution (1978) (Blu-ray)
Accidental Incest
Alaskan Bush People: Seaso..
Anesthesia (Blu-ray)
Black Gestapo, The (Blu-ra..
Brick (Blu-ray)
Cabin Fever (2016) (Blu-ra..
Carol + 2: The Original Qu..
Cocoon (US Blu-ray vs. UK ..
Cornbread, Earl and Me (Bl..
Doctor Death (Blu-ray)
Family Fang, The
Fear (1946)

Kingpin (Blu-ray)

Cannibal Holocaust (Blu-ray)

Martian, The (EE) (Blu-ray)

Once Upon a Time in the West

Manhunter (CE) (Blu-ray)

Last week most popular english region 2 titles and the latest added: By the Sea (2015) (Blu-ray)
Captive (2016)
Childrens Film Foundation ..
Cocoon (US Blu-ray vs. UK ..
Edvard Munch (Blu-ray)
Gilda (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
Here Comes the Waves
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Bl..
Ivans Childhood (Blu-ray)
Ivans Childhood (US Criter..
Lady Takes a Flyer, The
Masquerade in Mexico
One Desire (R1 vs. UK R2)
Return of the Killer Tomat..
Suture (Blu-ray)

Shivers (Blu-ray)

Biggles: Adventures in Time (Blu-ray)

Cat in the Brain

Panic Room

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (Blu-ray)

Last week most popular region 4 titles and the latest added: Enemy Mine (Blu-ray)
Hatchet for the Honeymoon ..
Mythica: A Quest for Heroe..
Doctor Who: Series 9 (Blu-..
Goosebumps (Blu-ray)
Ip Man (Blu-ray)
Ip Man 2 (Blu-ray)
London Has Fallen (Blu-ray)
Pride and Prejudice and Zo..
Deadpool (Blu-ray)
Freaks and Geeks: The Comp..
Game of Death (Blu-ray)
Hateful Eight, The (Blu-ra..
Jaws 2 (Blu-ray)
Jaws 3 (Blu-ray 3D)

Jaws 3 (Blu-ray 3D)

Jaws 2 (Blu-ray)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Back to the Future Trilogy

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Sweden Martian, The (Blu-ray)

Sweden Diary of a Teenage Girl, T..

Sweden Goosebumps (Blu-ray 3D)

Sweden Gambler, The (2014) (Blu-r..

Sweden Martyrs (2015) (Blu-ray)

Sweden Star Wars - Episode VII: T..

Sweden Zero Tolerance (2015) (Blu..

Sweden Blackhat (Blu-ray)

Sweden Oops! Var är arken? (Blu-r..

Finland Anna-Liisa

Sweden Kill the Messenger (Blu-ra..

Sweden Turist (Blu-ray)

Sweden Ant-Man (Blu-ray 3D)

Sweden Chef (Blu-ray)

Sweden Fast & Furious 7 (Blu-ray)

Sweden Pixels (Blu-ray 3D)

Sweden Seventh Son (Blu-ray)

Finland Kaasua, komisario Palmu!

Norway Břlgen (Blu-ray)

Sweden Mud (Blu-ray)

France Amis public (Blu-ray)

Germany Die Wahlkämpferin (Blu-ray)

France Eugenio (Blu-ray)

Germany Im Herzen der See (Blu-ray)

France Représailles en Arizona

Germany Revenant, The (Blu-ray 4K)

Netherlands Revenant, The (Blu-ray)

France Vie est ŕ nous, La - Le Te..

Netherlands War Room (Blu-ray)

Netherlands Zootropolis (Blu-ray)

France Atlantic City (Blu-ray)

Germany Big Short, The (Blu-ray)

Germany Boy, The (2016) (Blu-ray)

France Chambre interdite, La

Netherlands Daddys Home (Blu-ray)

France Etrange cas Deborah Logan,..

France Feu sans sommation

Germany Forest, The (Blu-ray)

Netherlands How to Be Single (Blu-ray)

France Independence Day (20th Ann..

Slovakia Tri dcéry

Czech Republic Ve stínu (Blu-ray)

Czech Republic Limonádový Joe aneb Koňská..

Japan Magic Hour, The (Blu-ray)

Japan She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (..

Slovakia Socialistický Zombi Mord

Japan Suite Dreams (Blu-ray)

Japan Thing from Another World, ..

Spain Hija de Ryan, La (US DVD v..

Hungary Liza, a rókatündér (Blu-ra..

Spain Mujer del cuadro, La (US D..

Czech Republic Svetáci

Japan Memoirs of an Invisible Ma..

Japan Cat People (1942) (R1 vs. ..

Japan I Walked with a Zombie (US..

Japan Phenomena (Blu-ray)

Japan Suspicion (US DVD vs. Blu-..

Spain Abre los ojos (Blu-ray)

Japan Killing Zoe (Blu-ray)

Japan Night of the Living Dead (..

Taiwan Rebels of the Neon God (US..

Taiwan River, The (1997) (US DVD ..

Taiwan Vive LAmour (US DVD vs. Ko..

South Korea A Hometown in Heart

South Korea Chilsu and Mansu (Blu-ray)

South Korea Heavenly Homecoming to Sta..

South Korea A Bonanza

South Korea Homebound (1967)

South Korea Kundo: Age of Rampant (Blu..

Hong Kong Girls Unbutton

South Korea March of Fools, The (Blu-r..

South Korea Tuition

South Korea Housemaid, The (1960) (Blu..

South Korea Farewell My Concubine (Blu..

South Korea DMZ, The

India Action Jackson (2014)

Hong Kong Dragnet Girl (US Silent Oz..

Hong Kong My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (B..

South Korea Tosuni: The Birth of Happi..

Taiwan Kong bu fen zi (DVD vs. Bl..