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  Canada Lifechanger (Blu-ray)
  USA All About Lily Chou-Chou (US DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK DVD vs. Japanese DVD vs. HK DVD)
  USA Anaconda (Mill Creek) (Blu-ray)
  USA Backdraft (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Bedroom Window, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Blackout (1978) (Blu-ray)
  USA Boom! (Blu-ray)
  USA Broken Flowers (Blu-ray)
  USA Cant Stop the Music (Blu-ray)
  USA Cold Pursuit (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Cold Pursuit (Blu-ray)
  USA Crank (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Dragged Across Concrete (Blu-ray)
  USA Emanuelle in America (Blu-ray)
  USA Entity, The (CE) (Blu-ray)
  USA Field of Dreams (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Forrest Gump (25th Anniversary) (Blu-ray)
  USA Godzilla (1998) (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Hannibal (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Hannibal (Kino) (Blu-ray)
  USA Happy Death Day 2U (Blu-ray)
  USA Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Blu-ray)
  USA Japón (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA Kokkoku (Blu-ray)
  USA Lego Movie 2, The (Blu-ray 3D)
  USA Level 16 (Blu-ray)
  USA Link (Blu-ray)
  USA Masked Mutilator (Blu-ray)
  USA Men Must Fight
  USA Mitsuboshi Colors: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
  USA Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt - Bandit Flower (Blu-ray)
  USA Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt - December Sky (Blu-ray)
  USA Mortuary (2005) (MVD) (Blu-ray)
  USA My Brilliant Career (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA Night of the Generals, The (US Blu-ray vs. UK BD)
  USA Nun, The (1966) (Blu-ray) (Religieuse, La)
  USA Old Ironsides (Blu-ray)
  USA Please Teacher!: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
  USA Princess Mononoke (CE) (Blu-ray)
  USA Prisonnière, La (Blu-ray) (Woman in Chains)
  USA Rhinoceros (Blu-ray)
  USA Road to Utopia (Blu-ray)
  USA Ronde, La (1950) (US Criterion DVD vs. UK Blu-ray)
  USA Sex Madness Revealed (Blu-ray)
  USA Shameless: The Complete Ninth Season (Blu-ray)
  USA Shield, The - The Complete Series
  USA Snake Pit, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Spider-Man: A New Universe (Blu-ray 3D) (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
  USA Sting, The (2 x US DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK DVD)
  USA Swing Time (US DVD vs. Criterion Blu-ray)
  USA This Gun for Hire (US DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK DVD)
  USA Toys That Made Us, The - Seasons 1 & 2
  USA Trading Paint (Blu-ray)
  USA Uncanny, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Von Richthofen and Brown (Blu-ray)
  USA War and Peace (1967) (US Kultur DVD vs. Criterion Blu-ray vs. Russian Ruscico DVD)
  USA White Chamber (Blu-ray)
  USA Yakuza Law (Blu-ray)
  England Big Clock, The (Blu-ray)
  England Colette (Blu-ray)
  England Drive (2011) (CE) (Blu-ray)
  England Favourite, The (Blu-ray)
  England Night of the Generals, The (US Blu-ray vs. UK BD)
  England November (2017) (Blu-ray)
  England Ronde, La (1950) (Blu-ray)
  England Ronde, La (1950) (US Criterion DVD vs. UK Blu-ray)
  England Room at the Top (Blu-ray)
  England Scared Stiff (Blu-ray)
  England Sliding Doors (Blu-ray)
  England Woman in the Window, The (Blu-ray)
  England Yakuza Law (Blu-ray)
  Australia Second Act (Blu-ray)
  Australia Storm Boy (Blu-ray)
  Germany Aquaman (Blu-ray 4K)
  Germany Tagebuch einer Kammerzofe (US Criterion DVD vs. UK DVD vs. German Blu-ray) (Journal dune femme de chambre, Le / Diary of a Chambermaid)
  France 3 femmes (US Criterion DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. UK Arrow BD vs. French BD) (3 Women)
  France Aquaman (Blu-ray)
  France Bumblebee (Blu-ray)
  France Crime à distance (Blu-ray) (Internecine Project, The)
  France Edmond (Blu-ray)
  France Equipage, L (Blu-ray)
  France Intruder, The (1961) (Blu-ray)
  France Iron Sky 2 (Blu-ray) (Iron Sky: The Coming Race)
  France Merry-Go-Round (1981) (Blu-ray)
  France Noroît (Blu-ray)
  France Pasolini, mort dun poète (Pasolini, un delitto italiano / Who Killed Pasolini? / Pasolini, an Italian Crime)
  France Salamandre, La (Blu-ray) (Salamander, The)
  France Ton heure a sonné (Blu-ray) (Coroner Creek)
  Netherlands Bumblebee (Blu-ray 4K)
  Netherlands Hunter Killer (Blu-ray)
  Netherlands White Boy Rick (Blu-ray)


  USA 711 Ocean Drive (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Address Unknown (1944) (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Alice Howell Collection, The
  USA Apollo 11 (Blu-ray)
  USA Arctic (Blu-ray)
  USA Atom the Beginning: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
  USA Better Call Saul: Season Four (Blu-ray)
  USA Between Worlds (Blu-ray)
  USA Big Clock, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Bitter Moon (Blu-ray)
  USA Black Book, The (4 X US DVD vs. Blu-ray vs. Italian DVD vs. German DVD) (Reign of Terror)
  USA Black Hawk Down (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Black Site (Blu-ray)
  USA Brain, The (1988) (Blu-ray)
  USA Cop and a Half: New Recruit (Blu-ray)
  USA Death Warmed Up (Blu-ray)
  USA Emanuelle and Françoise (Blu-ray) (Emanuelle e Françoise le sorelline / Blood Vengeance / Emanuelles Revenge)
  USA Emmanuelle 2 (Blu-ray)
  USA Escape from Womens Prison (Blu-ray)
  USA Escape in the Fog (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Eyes of Laura Mars (Blu-ray)
  USA Fantomas: Three Film Collection (Blu-ray) (Fantômas (1964)/Fantômas se déchaîne/Fantômas contre Scotland Yard)
  USA Farinelli (Blu-ray)
  USA Fighting with My Family (Blu-ray)
  USA Finding Your Roots: Season 5
  USA Funny Games (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA Gas Pump Girls (Blu-ray)
  USA Golden Head, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Grand Duel, The (Arrow) (Blu-ray) ( Grande duello, Il)
  USA Grand-Daddy Day Care
  USA Guilt of Janet Ames, The (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Hagazussa (Blu-ray)
  USA Hal (Blu-ray)
  USA Hostage (1986)
  USA Image Book, The (Blu-ray) (Livre dimage, Le)
  USA Informer, The (1929) (Blu-ray)
  USA Iron Warrior (Blu-ray)
  USA Isiboshwa
  USA Johnny Allegro (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Keoma (Mill Creek vs. Arrow Blu-ray)
  USA Khrustalyov, My Car! (Blu-ray)
  USA Killer That Stalked New York, The (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Kuffs (Blu-ray)
  USA Landlord, The (1970) (Blu-ray)
  USA Lego Movie 2, The (Blu-ray 4K)
  USA Lego Movie 2, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Let the Sunshine In (US Criterion Blu-ray vs. UK BD) (Un beau soleil intérieur)
  USA Lorax, The (Blu-ray 3D)
  USA Miami Story, The (US DVD vs. Blu-ray)
  USA Midas Run (Blu-ray)
  USA Miss Bala
  USA Mission of Honor (Blu-ray) (Hurricane / Mission of Honour)
  USA Never Grow Old (Blu-ray)
  USA One Sings the Other Doesnt (Criterion) (Blu-ray) (Une chante lautre pas, L)
  USA Paradise Alley (Blu-ray)
  USA Pledge (Blu-ray)
  USA Police Story / Police Story 2 (Criterion) (Blu-ray)
  USA Prisoner of Second Avenue, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Prodigy, The (2019) (Blu-ray)
  USA Rich Girl
  USA RKO Classic Adventures (Blu-ray) (Painted Desert, The / Pay-Off, The / Silver Horde, The)
  USA RKO Classic Romances (Blu-ray) (Millie / Kept Husbands / Lady Refuses, The / Woman Between, The / Sin Takes a Holiday)
  USA Robbery (Blu-ray)
  USA Rust Creek (Blu-ray)
  USA Scream and Scream Again (Kino) (Blu-ray)
  USA Seduction, The (Blu-ray)
  USA Slay Belles (Blu-ray)
  USA Summer Stock (Blu-ray)
  USA Take, The / Black Gunn (Blu-ray)
  England 303 Squadron (Blu-ray) (Dywizjon 303 / Squadron 303)
  England Everybody in Our Family (Blu-ray)
  England Furious (2017) (Legenda o Kolovrate)
  England Heat and Dust (Blu-ray)
  England Iguana with the Tongue of Fire, The (Blu-ray) (Iguana dalla lingua di fuoco, L)
  England Let the Sunshine In (US Criterion Blu-ray vs. UK BD) (Un beau soleil intérieur)
  England Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot, The (Blu-ray)
  England No Orchids for Miss Blandish (Blu-ray)
  England Shakespeare Wallah (Blu-ray)
  England Track 29 (Blu-ray)
  Australia Death Warmed Up (Blu-ray)
  Australia Howling III, The (Blu-ray)
  Australia Mad Dog Morgan (Blu-ray)
  Australia Skyscraper (Blu-ray)
  Australia West of Sunshine
  Germany Aquaman (Blu-ray)
  Germany Bumblebee (Blu-ray 4K)
  Germany Bumblebee (Blu-ray)
  France Colline de ladieu, La (Blu-ray) (Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing)
  France Dernier des mohicans, Le (1936) (Last of the Mohicans, The)
  France Exodus (Sidonis) (Blu-ray)
  France Fin août, début septembre (Blu-ray) (Late August, Early September)
  France Testament du Dr. Mabuse, Le (Blu-ray) (Das testament des Dr. Mabuse / Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The)
  France Tetes brulees, Les: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) (Baa Baa Black Sheep)
  France Vivre libre (Blu-ray) (Born Free)